TF ROS2 Course - Python

To finally understand TF in ROS2

TF ROS2 course

Course Summary

Imagine the following scenario: you have a robot drone with a camera that has to follow another subject to fil it correctly. How do you tell the robot where to point the camera? How to follow the subject and at which distance? And all of this dynamically? What is the distance from the camera to the subject? Is the orientation okay?

ROS2 TFs handle this relation between the different parts (frames) of a robot.

In this TF ROS2 course, you will be able to understand how TF works by practicing in several hands-on exercises

What you will learn

Course Overview

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

TF Basics ROS2

Have a first contact with TFs and learn to use the tools to visualise them.

BroadCast & Listen to TF data

Learn how to Publish and subscribe to TF topics

Robot State Publisher

Learn how to use the RobotStatePublisher to publish TF data of complex robots.

Course Project

Apply what you have learned in the course to solve a real life situation.


Robots used

3d Version of the Classical 2D TurtleSim robot

3d Version of the Classical 2D TurtleSim robot

cam_bot robot

cam_bot robot

mp-500 robot

mp-500 robot

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